What is Kangen Water

Regular tap water changes to hydrogen water when it passes through an alkaline ionizer machine. The output then obtained through the deep cleansing process is the electrolyzed water, the purest form that is safe and healthy to be used for drinking, cooking, watering, sanitizing, and more. Based on your settings, the alkaline water machine will filter out the contaminants leaving clean water with a PH level ranging from 2.7 to 11.5.

Electrolyzed Water

By integrating scientific research with superior Japanese craftsmanship, our innovative systems enhance nature's most vital life source: WATER


Kangen Water Machine

At Yarrow Enterprise, we provide Kangen water filter systems created by superior Japanese craftsmanship integrated with the latest technology. We are a trusted dealer of top-quality alkaline water purifier and water ionizer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE. It is an innovative Kangen machine that purifies normal tap water and converts it to electrolyzed water that is soft and safe. The alkaline water ionizer machine gives you:
  • Pure, healthy hydrogen water that is suitable for drinking
  • Natural chemical free sanitizer
  • Antioxidant water to remove pesticides
  • Ionized water for washing fresh produce
  • Household solutions for cleaning and disinfecting
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Why Choose Us

Water For Daily
Human Consumption

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Drink directly from the tap, the water is already clean


When you cook with the Electrolyzed Water, you are certain that the flavor will be best and the food is 100% safe.

Disinfecting and sanitizing

Water is using to sanitize and disinfect all food preparation and contact surfaces.

Washing Vegetables

Wash fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking in order to ensure 100% cleanliness.

Preparing Tea & Coffee

Impure water will ruin the taste of your tea, coffee, or cold drinks. With Electrolyzed Water , the taste is hard to match.

Alkaline Water For Daily Use


With the Kangen water filter, you will get purified drinking water directly from the tap. The electrolyzed water machine is considered safe and healthy to consume. Call to know the Kangen water purifier machine price in Dubai.


The alkaline ionizer water machine produces antioxidant water that is 100% pure to be used for cooking. With water that is so low in PH level, you can be sure your food will get the perfect flavor.

Disinfection and Sanitization

The filtered water can be used as a chemical free sanitizer or disinfectant to remove dirt and bacteria from your food preparation and contact surfaces. And can help you stay healthy.

Washing Vegetables

Electrolyzed water machine provides ionizer water that washes away the pesticides and other contamination and ensures that all the vegetables and fruits that you eat or are used for cooking your food.

Preparing Tea and Coffee

Morning drink is the first thing that makes your day good. Enhance the taste of your tea, coffee, or other drinks with the antioxidant water from our Kangen water filter or purifier.

Health & Wellness

Alkaline water has many proven health benefits. Along with enhancing hydration, it also helps reduce BP, sugar level, and cholesterol improves bone health and helps soothe acid reflux.

Electrolyzed Water

Cooking & Drinking

The human body is comprised of over 70% water. And we take care of this 70% part of your body by offering safer water in your kitchen tap. Call us now to install a drinking water filter and enjoy a trusted vegetable sanitizer for your family.
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Have you ever wished to get that freshly chlorine treated water every time you shower? Well, now you can get that luxury with the privacy of your bathroom. Call us now to install a chlorine filter shower and enjoy the healthy treatment daily.
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Unlock a world of clean, green, affordable products that work! Call us now to discuss the solutions to deliver detox and soft water at your disposal. Get the water pH best for your skin from products like Alkaline Water Machine.
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Your plants need something more than just water to keep blooming and giving you tasty fruits. They need Electrolyzed Water to stimulate germination and improve seedling development. Call us now to get the never-ending supply of electrolyzed water at your disposal.
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Other Cleaning

You need clean water from car wash to laundry, carpet cleaning, pet care, and all your kitchen needs. Call us not for drinking water filter installation in Dubai and enjoy the best of both worlds.
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Why Use Electrolyzed Kangen Water?

Cooking and Drinking

More than 70% of the human body is water, making it one of the most vital elements of life. An alkaline ionizer machine is a purifier that can convert normal water to electrolyzed form, a gentle substance without any harmful elements in it. Whether to cook or drink, the Kangen water filter will provide you with the perfect solution without worrying about the toxins or chemicals.


The electrolyzed water is environmentally-friendly, acts as a chemical free sanitizer, and is non-toxic. You can use it to clean your home floors, kitchen countertops, wash laundry, bath pets, and more. Contact Yarrow Enterprise to know more about the ionizer machine price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other Emirate of the UAE.


Kangen water is one of the purest forms of water that is safe to consume. Using it to cook your food can also make your food nutrient-rich giving it the perfect taste. The solution will keep you hydrated and make you energetic, healthy, and beautiful.


Antioxidant water will act as a solution that nourishes, acts as a hydrating agent, and keeps your plants healthy. The alkaline ionizer machine stimulates germination and improves seedling development leaving your plants to grow and flower faster as there is no contamination in the water.

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