Easy steps to Maintain Kangen Water Machine

Every home now considers a water filter a requirement and a must-have item. Increasing the PH of the water for drinking, sanitizing, and disinfecting produces clean water. Kangen water is utilized not just for drinking but also for cleaning. Doing this may make you sure that neither you nor your home is poisoned. Your lifestyle may be elevated by improving your health with Kangen Water. The  Kangen Water machine needs proper maintenance and care. 

Easy steps to Maintain Kangen Water Machine 

It is essential to maintain Kangen Water Machine for better functioning. Regular check-ups and maintenance are necessary for optimum efficiency. 

  • After 6000 liters of water or every six months, replace the water filter.
  • In places with hard water, regularly clean the water system twice a month using citric acid powder.
  • Every 1-2 years, hire experts to do a thorough cleaning. Any pollutants and grime that routine cleaning with citric acid does not remove will be eliminated by thorough cleaning.
  • After 1-3 days of inactivity, use the Kangen water machine for around 2-3 minutes with all of the l water (acidic water).
  • Run vital acidic water and strong Kangen water through the water machine, then thoroughly clean it with citric acid (alkaline water).

How may I know my machine needs a service? 

  • LCD alert system can show that impurities have clogged up the machine and need filter cartridge replacement. 
  • The water pressure from the faucet can be decreased, which shows the filter is clogged 
  • If your water tastes metallic and salty and water starts to lose its freshness and lightness indicates the machine needs a service 
  • Water starts to give a foul odor when the filter is clogged with impurities from deposited residues. 

How frequently should a Kangen water filter be replaced?

The water filter should ideally be replaced every six months or after filtering 6000 liters of water. Fortunately, the Kangen water filtration machine features a digital display and a sound alert that lets you know when it’s time to change the filter cartridge. This is only a general recommendation for filter changes; the timing and frequency of filter replacements will depend on various circumstances. These elements consist of:

The water’s condition: The filter has to be changed sooner and more frequently, the more dirty or brutal the water is.

Size of household: You will change the water filter more frequently the more people in your home use the water filter. Keep in mind that the filter has to be changed every 6000 gallons.

Filter Maintenance: The water filter’s effectiveness is influenced by how thoroughly and frequently you clean it. It is best to clean the water filter at least once every two weeks to avoid residue deposition.

Bottom Line: 

With easy and quick tips, you can maintain your machine for perfect functioning and effective results. You can get your Kangen Water Machine from Yarrow Enterprise, an authentic and genuine dealer in UAE. 

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